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June 30, 2005


Sorry for no report last week. My dear wife spent the entire week in the hospital getting three blocked arteries fixed and I was by her side through the process. She is home and doing fantastic this week and we are both happy to have her back happy and healthy!

It's summertime on the Indian River. Lots of rain this month has created a runoff that has kept the river a brownish color. Unfortunately, the St Lucie River has health warnings from all this runoff from bacteria in the water. Hopefully, this will clear up soon and we can get back to fishing there. The Indian River, while still enduring the result of all the rain this month, has still been producing fish.

The best times to fish are early mornings and late evenings. During the day, seek deeper water to look for good fishing. The flats will be alive with bait pods and fishing early with top water will be the best opportunity to catch a redfish, snook or trout. Try to find clean water and bait and you should find the fish. I like a Chug Bug or Spook in the early mornings. Redfish will be on the flats most of the day. As the day heats up, look for them to move into the two to three foot areas.

As the sun rises up high, move to the mangroves where the water drops off to two to three feet. Redfish and snook will be seeking this shelter from the suns rays. You need to get your lures up under the mangroves for the best chances at a strike. I like gold spoons, white or root beer soft baits and DOA TerrorEyz for the mangroves. Light tackle with a 20# test fluorocarbon leader provides all you need out there on the flats.

Trout will move to deeper water during the day. Fish clean water that is two to four feet deep. I like popping corks with live shrimp or pinfish during the day to look for trout action. Gold spoons and soft baits will also bring a trout to the boat. Bear Point is always a great place to fish for trout.

Snook will be around the inlet and bridges for some good night action. So what if it's catch and release this time of year. It's still great fishing! During the day, mangroves will be the best opportunity to catch a snook. Try around the mangroves at the Power Plant and around the spoil islands north of the bridges in Fort Pierce. Round Island is always productive this time of year.

Jacks are all over the river chasing and reeking havoc on the bait. It's a great way to have some fun and always exciting to see the bait showering out of the water. Jacks will hit most anything you toss at them so keep one rod handy to use when the jacks are near.

Make sure you check out the new arrivals of tackle and gear from The Fishing Center of St. Lucie in Fort Pierce. Kelly and Clint will be happy to help you select the right gear and lures for your fishing adventure in the river or the ocean. Located on US 1 near Seaway Drive. Stop by and see a great selection!

Tip of the Week:

When is the last time you changed your primer bulb on your motor? Not sure....never....sometime last century??? Don't take a chance of getting stranded out on the water from a simple failure of a primer bulb. Time and elements deteriorate the rubber on a primer bulb and it will eventually crack and allow air leaks to lose the suction on your fuel and there you sit two miles from the ramp. I keep a new one in the boat as part of my emergency repair kit. It can sure save the day and $$$.

Fishing is not just another hobby....it's an ADVENTURE!

Good Fishing!

Captain Charlie Conner

email me at: [email protected]

visit my website at: http://www.fishtalescharter.com
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