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August 4, 2005


Catch of the Week:

I am so excited to announce that our daughter and son-in-law have made Eva and I the proud grandparents to 7 1/2 pound baby Chloe Lee on July 28, 2005. She is the most beautiful little girl. I have already bought her first fishing rod, so she can go fishing with Grandpa. I guess she will have to grow into it still, but I can't wait. Congratulations to Dena and Ricky on their first baby and our first grandchild. Ok...so I am bragging a little......I love it!

Oh...this is a fishing report...

The weather has provided great fishing opportunities during the mornings. Afternoons have been pretty stormy and rainy most of the week. The water has remained in good condition up on the flats and the fish have been there in the early mornings for breakfast. You have to get out early for the best bite. Watching the sun come up over the horizon is a good thing!

The redfish bite has remained strong this week. Get out on the flats early and use top water lures. Red and white combinations on Zara Spooks and Chug Bugs continue to produce hits and hookups. Fish them slow for redfish to give them a chance to get hooked. Gold spoons have worked great once the sun comes up for a couple of hours. Once the heat arrives, the reds head for deeper water and the mangroves. Look for 1-3 feet of water that is clean for your best chances. Live baits have also worked well on redfish. Live shrimp or pinfish are hard to resist. I have been using them on popping corks. Sunday, we boated six nice slot sized redfish.

Trout have been coming up to feed in shallow water at first light. They leave soon after sunrise so you have a short window to find them hitting top water or soft baits on the flats. Live shrimp and pinfish are working well also. Largest was 22" this week. Move to a 2-4 foot depth on the grass flats once the warmth of the sun hits.

Snook have been hitting well at night around the bridges and turning basin. Live bait or jigs have worked the best. Again, hit the flats early for snook feeding on the bait. Top water, soft baits and spoons are the best choices. Move to the mangroves later in the morning.

Jacks and ladyfish are all over the river and feeding on the bait pods. It's always fun to watch the bait erupt as they tear into it. Soft baits, top water and live bait will usually produce some fun action in the shallow water.

Stop by the Fishing Center of St Lucie to see the newest tackle and fishing gear they have available. Shrimp have been hard to find lately, so you need to have a good choice of artificials when hitting the water. Let Clint or Kelly hook you up with the best lures for your day on the water. On US-1, just south of Seaway Drive for great tackle and fishing advice!

Tip of the Week:

Keep close tabs on the weather during the summer months. Summer squalls can pop up anywhere in a very short time. No matter if you are offshore or inshore, thunderstorms are nothing to play around with. Know what you will do if one is suddenly coming your way. We have had some violent storms of late and no one should be caught on the water during one of these. Have your rain gear aboard and know where you will go to get out of a storm. You might not be able to get back to your ramp, so have a plan in mind.

Have a great week on the water. Remember, fishing is not just another hobby.....it's an ADVENTURE!

Good Fishing,
Captain Charlie Conner

email me at: [email protected]
visit my web site at: www.fishtalescharter.com
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