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August 31, 2005


The word out on the street is Snook Season opens at midnight Wednesday night! You can bet that lots of anglers will be hitting the water Wednesday evening to stake out their favorite snook haunts for the approach of midnight. Be sure you remember the slot sizes - 26-34”. Don’t try to fudge on the length if it’s close and the bag limit is two per angler per day. You can bet the FWC and many local law enforcement officers will be out there checking so don’t take any chances. Make sure your required safety equipment is aboard and in good condition. Obey the laws and have a safe fishing adventure this week!

Snook fishing has been good this week both around the inlets and on the flats. Top water has been the best choice at first light on the flats. Live bait is working best when fishing at night around the bridges and inlets. DOA Shrimp and Baitbusters will be good choices for artificials at night. You will also find snook around the deeper cuts of the mangroves and docks where the tides run through. Good Luck out there!!!

Redfish are also out on the flats and they don’t care if it’s snook season or not. They will be feeding most of the mornings in the shallow water and we still have many schools all up and down the river. Largest fish have been running 28" this week. Top water in the early part of the day and gold spoons as it warms up are your best choices. Live baits are also hard to resist.

Trout are hitting in the early mornings on top water. Look for clean water that runs 2-4 feet deep and you should find some trout. Bear Point and Harbor Branch have been the most productive of late. There are lots of snapper, ladyfish and jacks in the river to add to your day on the water. Ladyfish and jacks are all over the flats and snapper are along the channels and structure in the river.

The Fishing Center of St Lucie is all geared up and ready for snook season. Stop by and check out the best lures, tackle and licenses for the coming season. Live bait is available to help you in your hunt for a keeper snook. Let Clint and Kelly get you ready for a great fishing season!

Tip of the Week:
Ok…so you are all ready for that snook fishing trip. One last thing to do…..check your fishing license!! You don’t want to catch that prize fish and find out your license is expired. It’s very easy anymore to renew so the FWC will have no leniency for offenders. Go to www.myfwc.com online to purchase or call 1-888-FISH-FLORIDA to purchase over the phone. Otherwise stop by the local tackle store and get one. Don’t forget also that you will need a snook stamp to keep that linesider.

Have a great week on the water. Remember, fishing is not just another hobby.....it's an ADVENTURE!

Good fishing and be safe,

Captain Charlie Conner

email me at: [email protected]

visit my web site at: www.fishtalescharter.com
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