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South Indian River Fishing Report

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September 7, 2005

Those brave enough to endure the winds and rain that stirred up the water most of the week had a decent week of fishing. It was a difficult time most days for anglers to find areas to fish without getting blown out. Of course, the fish don't care if you are wet and miserable out there. The weather should improve some this week, depending on what Tropical Storm Ophelia decides to do. Right now she is out there festering off the Florida coast. We could get more wind and rain if it continues to stall out there or comes near the coast.

Snook season began quietly due to the midweek start of the season but picked up by the weekend. There are lots of snook in the river and inlet right now and those brave enough have been catching some keepers along with some going on both sides of the slot. Hawk tail jigs and live baits have worked best along the inlet and bridges. Need some good advice......ask Clint at the Fishing Center! Early mornings have produced good snook fishing on the flats for the top water anglers. Zara Spooks and Chug Bugs are good choices for top water lures. Harbor Branch and Round Island have been great areas to fish lately. With the fall mullet run in progress, snook and many other species will be feeding along the beaches of the Treasure Coast.

Redfish are still being caught on the flats. Most have come after sunrise and on gold spoons or top water. They will move in as the tides change and feed in the shallows. Lots of bait fish in the river now so lots of predators out there feeding! Expect to pick up some ladyfish or jacks while you are fishing the flats. Harbor Branch has been continually productive this summer and should continue to be active with all the bait arriving.

Trout are being caught in the early mornings on top water. Head down by the Power Plant and Bear Point for good areas to fish for trout. Live shrimp will work also in the mornings. Look for 2-4 feet of clean water in those areas. Some nice size trout are in the river feeding on the many bait pods throughout the river.

Stop by the Fishing Center of St Lucie on your way to your favorite fishing hole. Get some great bait, tackle and advice from Clint and Kelly. That's where I get all my fishing gear! They have my favorite lures and colors for all my inshore fishing, along with a fantastic offshore selection. Stop by and see what's happening in Fort Pierce today!

Tip of the Week:

The Indian River is a beautiful waterway loaded with mangroves, islands and wildlife. It's sad to see how some people abuse the waters. PLEASE keep your trash in your boat and dispose of it properly. It's disgusting to see how some have such little respect for the rivers on our coast. Take a little pride and keep our waters clean so our coming generations can enjoy the fishing and scenery that we have enjoyed ourselves. I want my granddaughter to catch those redfish that I often tell about in my reports!

Have a great week on the water. Remember, fishing is not just another hobby.....it's an ADVENTURE!

Good fishing and be safe,
Captain Charlie Conner

email me at: [email protected]
visit my web site at: http://www.fishtalescharter.com

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