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October 5, 2005


Fishing was a little spoiled this week by Tropical Storm Tammy, when
she blew up the coastline and greeted us with winds and rain most of
the week. The river has been stirred up quite well, but there is
fishing to do out there. It looks like it should calm down somewhat
by the weekend and maybe things can get back to a little normality
again. Well.....let's at least hope so. I can see lightning off in
the distance this evening so who can tell what tomorrow will bring

Look for clean water this week on the river and you should find fish.
It will take a few days for things to clear up again, but the fish
gotta eat! Early mornings will continue to be productive on the flats
with top water lures. Trout, snook and jacks will be dining at
sunrise, so plan on being there early. The water will be higher than
normal with all the runoff, so be willing to try around the mangroves
where the water will be deeper than normal and holding fish. Soft
baits will be productive along the edges along with top water and
jigs. Base your color selection on the water quality. Darker colors
for clean water and lighter colors for cloudy water.

Look for the redfish to head to the flats after sun-up and hitting
spoons, soft baits and live bait. One to three feet of water should
be good to find some redfish action. Also fish along the docks along
the river to hunt for some reds. If the wind calms down, fish along
the western shorelines to find some redfish.

Taylor Creek has continued to be productive for snook. Fishing around
the bridges and turning basin has also turned in some snook catches
this week. Live baits along with jigs have been the choice of most
anglers for snook action. The weather has affected the fish action
most of the week, but it should pickup now that the storm has passed
by us. Night fishing has provided the best chances at a hookup. Some
undersize and slot sized snook have been taken this week.

Some reports of flounder being taken under the bridges and along the
inlet area this week. Live baits will be the best bet to use. It's
hard for a flounder to resist a nice juicy shrimp drifting by.....

Tip of the Week:

Safe boating is every ones responsibility. The Coast Guard Auxiliary
offer several boating courses to teach boating skills and seamanship.
Many insurance companies will offer discounts on boat insurance to
individuals who successfully complete a course. There are too many
boat operators that have little knowledge of safe boating. If you
haven't checked into a course....do so today! All classes are taught
at the Flotilla Headquarters, 1400 Seaway Drive, Fort Pierce, FL.

I had a great time last week visiting my family in West Virginia. My
mom and dad are doing well.

Have a great week on the water. Remember, fishing is not just another
hobby.....it's an ADVENTURE!

Good fishing and be safe,
Captain Charlie Conner

email me at: [email protected]
visit my web site at: www.fishtalescharter.com
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