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South Indian River Fishing Report

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October 19, 2005

Another week....another storm brewing out there. Looks like things
could get wet and windy once again. The water hasn't went down since
last storm and here comes more. Sure has been one wet season this
year. Last weekend was nice for fishing, but this week has had it's
ugly days of wind and rain. We will see what happens this weekend
though with Wilma contemplating heading this way.

Trout fishing has picked up this week and fishing early or late with
top water has been the best bet selection for trout. Pat caught and
released three nice slot size trout this week. Start in two to three
feet of water at first light. Hopefully you will be able to find
some clean water after the coming weekend. It might get a little
windy over the weekend around here. North of the bridges on the east
side has been good this week. South on the eastern side where you
can find clean water.

Night fishing for snook has been decent around the inlet, docks and
bridges. Early morning on the flats has been productive one day and
quiet the next. Live baits and jigs at night works best and top
water in early mornings on the flats will give you the best shot at a
snook. There is no lack of bait pods for the fish to feed off of.
Presentation is your most important opportunity this time of year.
Your lure or bait has to look much more enticing than all that bait
swimming around out there.

Redfish has been slow the past couple of weeks with all the dirty
water, but should improve once the water can have a chance to clear
up again. There are plenty of jacks and bluefish out there ripping
up the bait. A light rod will provide lots of fun on the flats. Pat
boated a 24" bluefish this week. Six year old Dominic had his hands
full reeling in a number of big jacks, but managed to get them all
boated. He did a great job fishing that day!

Tip of the Week:
Take some time and check out your hurricane preparations. We hope it
doesn't come this way, but don't wait until the last minute to get
ready. Gas lines have already been long and some stations running
out of gas already. Remember last year and don't get caught
unprepared. Let's all be safe and get through this together!

Have a safe weekend. Remember, fishing is not just another
hobby.....it's an ADVENTURE!

Good fishing and be safe,
Captain Charlie Conner

email me at: [email protected]
visit my web site at: www.fishtalescharter.com
772-344-3187 or 772-284-3852 (cell)
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