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October 27, 2005

I hope everyone weathered Hurricane Wilma safe. She roared through Southeast Florida on Monday. For the past several days, fishing has only been a wish! I have boarded up six houses for the storm and am now in the process of taking down shutters, repairing roofs and soffitts and cleaning up tree limbs. Seems so much like just thirteen months ago. Wilma was one bad storm!! Winds and rain were much worse than either Frances or Jeanne. Lots of damage all over.

We were some of the fortunate ones that got power back early this time. At least the cooler weather has made it more tolerable than last year. I am sure the water has been churned up and it will be a while before things can get back to normal. Lots of flooding will bring lots of fresh water flowing into the river.

I will be back out this weekend to fish again and check out the river. For now, I will be helping repair damages around town and get things back in order again. I hope all of you are well and safe. I will see you on the water soon!

Have a safe weekend. Remember, fishing is not just another hobby.....it's an ADVENTURE!

Good fishing and be safe,
Captain Charlie Conner

email me at: [email protected]fishtalescharter.com
visit my web site at: www.fishtalescharter.com
call me at: 772-284-3852
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