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February 9, 2006


Another week of cold front after cold front has really cooled off the water on the flats and left the fish to seeking the shelter of deeper water. Lots of windy days this week left most anglers seeking sheltered areas to fish out of some of the gusty winds. We could use a few days of warm weather to get the water temps up a bit out there. The northwesterly winds this week left the majority of the river almost un-fishable in a lot of favorite areas a good part of the week.

The best fishing most of the week has been around the inlet for snook. A number of reports of slot sized snook have been reported around the docks of the inlet, the bridges and in the turning basin. Leo, who fished with me this week boated a nice 24" snook just under slot and David also had a nice 22" snook. Most of our bites this week were on live shrimp. Pinfish, shrimp and red tail hawks were the best options for snook fishing. A lot of anglers are having success fishing at night around the inlet and docks for snook.

There were lots of sheephead around the inlet area in good numbers and good sizes. Live or dead shrimp had them working your rods quite nicely. The surf anglers are reporting good catches of whiting and a few pompano along the beaches. Shrimp and sand fleas were their baits of choice. Bridge anglers have been catching some black drum, sand perch, croakers and sheephead off the catwalks. Most have been using dead shrimp for bait.

We did manage to find a few reds on the flats north of the Fort Pierce bridges, but with the water so choppy and windy on the flats, it was difficult to fish for them. As the fronts get through and we can get a few days of warm weather, the reds will warm up along with the water. We have had success in the past few weeks on live and cut bait along the mangroves for reds.

Seek trout in the deeper flats in 3-6 feet of water. With the water this cool, they will be slower to hit, but keep using that live shrimp, jerk bait or top water when possible. As the water warms up during the day look for the fish to become more active.

I had a few reports of pompano, Spanish mackerel and trout down around the power plant just before the winds stirred up. Shrimp tipped jigs are great for pomps and shiny spoons will work for the macks. Friday looks like the winds might lay down a bit to try and get down that way to check things out. Watch the weather for this weekend as they are calling for some strong winds by Sunday.

Tip of the Week:
Spring will be here soon.....or not soon enough for some. There are some cold mornings out on the water. Make sure you dress properly for that morning you are heading out. It's much easier to take off layers and be comfortable, than sit there shivering and cold wishing you had worn more. I keep remembering last spring when I was waiting at the ramp for my charter to come in my long handles and jacket.....my two anglers from up north showed up in shorts and t-shirts. It was too late to change and I sure felt sorry for them as we headed out towards the flats.

Have a safe weekend. Remember, fishing is not just another hobby.....it's an ADVENTURE!

Good fishing and be safe,
Captain Charlie Conner
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