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June 22, 2006


The weather on the Treasure Coast has been fantastic this week. Great summertime conditions for top water fishing in the early mornings and plenty of calm water to fish most of the day. By monday morning, the tides were favorable for early morning fishing and the fish were coming up on the flats earlier in the day to feed. Afternoon storms will continue to build, so be prepared to get off the water if one is approaching. This should prove to be a great fishing weekend!

MirrOlure produces another Indian River redfish....

By Monday, the redfish were hitting the flats most of the morning. We had five boated by 10 am that ranged from 24" to 28". Soft baits, gold spoons and twitch baits all were getting slapped around by the reds. Check around the mangroves later in the afternoon. Round Island, Queen's Cove and the Moorings have been holding redfish on the flats. There are still some smaller schools of them patrolling around some of the grass flats. I talked with Doug of Florida Fish and Hunt and he had also ran into a school of reds this week.

Redfish caught on soft bait on the flats...

Snook and trout fishing have been slower this week. Most of the trout are coming from top water early and live bait once the sun comes up. Harbor Branch and Bear Point both have clean water for trout to hang out in. Snook fishing has been mostly around the inlet and bridges. The majority of the action has been down in Stuart around the bridges and inlet there. Our bridges has been producing some snapper, sand perch and sheephead on shrimp. Whiting are still along the beaches in the surf.

Surf fishing along the Treasure Coast....

Tip of the Week:
With the water temperatures continuing to rise, you must take extra effort to safely release your catch alive. Redfish, especially, are totally worn out by the time you get them to the boat. Remember to get them back into the water quickly and make sure they have revived and swim off on their own. It sometimes takes 10-15 minutes during the heat of summer to revive an exhausted fish. Help protect the future of fishing on the Treasure Coast!

Take time to enjoy the scenery while on the water....

As always, have a safe weekend and remember, fishing is not just another hobby.....it's an ADVENTURE!

Good fishing and be safe,
Capt. Charlie Conner

To have my fishing report sent to you. Email me at: [email protected]

Call me at: 772-284-3852
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