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 May 26, 2005


There is nothing like being on the water just as the sun peeks over the horizon. The peacefulness and silence along the flats suddenly broken up by a shower of bait exploding out of the water. It's a wonderful place to be in the first light of the day! Hope you were out on the water lately.

The weather has been very cooperative most of the week. Mild winds and hot, sunny days have helped the fishing. The winds have been kind to us and provided plenty of refuge to fish the flats in most areas. The east side of the river has been the most productive for me this week. The tides have allowed us to fish the shallowest parts of the flats in the early mornings, which I love to do! The water has been clean in most places and lots of bait continues to filter into the river, bringing lots of fish with them.

Redfish continue to patrol the flats for most of the day. They will lay in less than a foot of water, so you must keep quiet and move around as little as possible in order to get close to them. Most have been in the 24" - 28" range, but larger reds are out there. Live pinfish or shrimp, top water, gold spoons and jigs have worked best on hooking up with a redfish. Again, the east side of the river has been the most productive for me.

Trout are out there feeding in the early mornings on the shallow flats. You can find them from less than a foot of water to three feet. Top water has worked great in the early part of the day and live shrimp or pinfish has worked great as the day wears on. Fish the live bait in two to three feet of water. Ricky was slammed by two large trout this week. He boated a 26" and a 27" trout off the flats. Try around Bear Point, Harbor Branch or along the flats of the Power Plant for some nice trout action. It's nice to see the big boys out there feeding.

Snook fishing has been best a night around the bridges and turning basin. Live shrimp or pinfish has worked the best. There are plenty of snook out on the flats in the early mornings, too. We had one straighten out the hooks on a top water lure that was lurking under the mangroves at daybreak. It's not been uncommon to boat a 25-30" snook off the flats this year. You can also use a jig or spoon when fishing the mangroves for snook. There are plenty of mangroves all over the river for linesiders to lay in wait of a meal. Along the Power Plant or Round Island is a great place to fish for snook in the mornings.

Then we have the many other fish that are out there wanting their share of the bait. Bluefish, Jacks, Snapper and Ladyfish are all waiting for a bite to eat. The schools of jacks are showing up more and more on the flats to bust up the bait pods. Live shrimp, jigs or spoons work well for any of these aggressive marauders and top water in the mornings can bring some great action with any of these fish. Bear Point always produces great action for most of these fish.

With Memorial Day weekend fast approaching and the end of snook season near, there will be an influx of boaters on the river. Be safe, courteous and attentive to all around you. A lot of inexperienced boaters are always on the water on holiday weekends, who might not know or understand boating safety. Have a great weekend and keep those lines in the water!

It's been another great week on the water.
Fishing is not just another hobby....it's an ADVENTURE!
Hope you had a chance to get out fishing!

Good Fishing!
Captain Charlie Conner

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