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Well, the rains subsided and the sun has come out on the Indian River again. Lots and lots of sun! It's been a hot and humid week outside with temperatures near 90 during the day and near 80 at night. The winds have stayed down most of the week and kept the river open to fishing just about anywhere you dare to go. As usual this time of year, the afternoon threats of thunderstorms looms off in the distance each day.

The early boat gets the fish! Get out on the water early now. The action will be in the first few hours of light on the flats as the fish are patrolling their domains for an early breakfast. Top water will be the first choice on the flats, with redfish, trout and snook out there in front of you. The redfish bite was off a little this week as the water runoff continues to keep the water a brownish color. The reds are there but seem to be waiting for it to clear back up again. My cousin, Tom Hull, and I managed a nice 28" redfish this week along the mangroves. Once the top water opportunity passes, switch to the ol' faithful....the gold spoon.

Snook have been on the flats up until mid-morning feeding on the bait pods. Look for them in one to three feet of water following the bait. Gold spoons, top water or jigs are the best choices for snook. Largest one this week was 24" on a gold spoon. Lots of 18 to 20 inch specimens are on the flats. Again, get out early! The water temps are warm now and once the sun rises high, the temps will do so likewise. Late evening will also be great flats fishing times. Look along the mangroves for snook to be lurking during the day to keep out of the sun.

Trout have been holding in two to four feet of water as the morning moves on. Soft plastics have worked well along with top water and spoons for a second choice. The light colors have worked best. White, chartreuse and gold combinations have been good color options. Live shrimp or mullet will also be an appetizer for trout. I will generally use a float or popping cork for live bait on the river. The flats are alive with bait now. Bear Point, Queen's Cove, the Moorings and Round Island are great areas to target trout.

A lot of jacks have moved into the river and crashing the bait pods throughout the day. Lots of great fishing action come from these fish. Take every opportunity to catch a jack and enjoy the fight. They have a lot of strength for their size and will leave you with a smile!

It has been a great week to be on the water. Speaking of water....keep plenty in the boat to stay hydrated in the heat of the summer. Good fishing out there! Remember, early and late hours are the best fishing times now. Watching the sunrise or sunset is a good thing!

Tip of the Week:
So when is the last time you changed your fishing line?? Once a year.....twice a year...NEVER??? Your fishing line is the main link between you and your quarry at the other end. Old line will fail and break when you lease expect it. Line deteriorates with time and the elements, so change it no less than once a year. There are many manufacturers and many types of fishing lines. Choose the one you are most comfortable fishing with. All my rods receive new line three or more times a year.

Make sure you check out the latest arrivals of lures and rods at The Fishing Center of St Lucie up in Fort Pierce. Let Clint or Kelly help you select the right lures and tackle for all your fishing needs. They can even change out that old fishing line for you. Need bait? Stop by and check it out! Oh....and those gold spoons that I ALWAYS talk about are available at The Fishing Center! Stop by and get some today.

Fishing is not just another hobby....it's an ADVENTURE!

Good Fishing!
Captain Charlie Conner

email me at: [email protected]
visit my website at: http://www.fishtalescharter.com
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