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June 2, 2005


Wet....wet....wet....and more wet has been the weather this week. We had a fantastic holiday weekend fishing, but it has rained every day since then. Feels like a Florida summer has arrived. Strong thunderstorms and lots of rain has drenched our dry lawns finally and the rains should continue the rest of the week. Hopefully by Saturday, the rains have passed and we can get back to catching fish!

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and got to get out fishing. The boaters were out full strength and the ramps were a mess most of the day. The water remained clear on the flats in spite of the extra traffic on the water. The water temps are approaching summer mode and the fish are all over the flats in the mornings now.

Top water rules on the flats in the early mornings. Get out there at first light and get ready for some action. Redfish have been on the flats most of the day and hitting top water the first several hours in the mornings. Be patient fishing your favorite lure and work it slow for redfish. They have some trouble getting their mouths upwards and have to work at it. I have had some reds slap a top water all the way to the boat. My bride, Eva was with me Sunday and boated two 26" reds. Switch to spoons, jigs or live baits later in the morning for redfish action. The reds have been in less than a foot of water to two feet of water. I love the east side of the river for redfishing. Find your favorite flats and work it slow and easy. Reds are easy to spook. If you are in stealth mode, they will sometimes swim right under the boat without getting scared off. Try the flats along Harbor Branch or Round Island.

Snook have been patrolling the flats in the first hours of the day and taking top water as readily as redfish. Work spoons and jigs also for snook action. Don't be afraid to work that top water around the mangroves as snook take refuge from the sun. Remember that snook season is closed now, so all catches have to be released. The bridges and inlet will still be producing snook for photos only!

Trout on top water is fantastic this time of year. A lot of 6 to 8 pound trout have been taken on the flats. After sunup, live pinfish or shrimp is hard to resist by trout. Fish one to three feet in the early morning and move to two to four feet later with you live bait. Both sides of the river have been very productive. Try the Harbor Branch area, Bear Point and the Power Plant flats for trout in the mornings.

Tarpon are gradually working their way into the river now. Haven't seen any numbers yet but the action is about to begin both in the river and off the beaches. Watch around the power plant and Little Mud for tarpon. First light with top water or live baits will provide the best opportunity for a hookup. The north fork of the St Lucie will soon be offering tarpon action also.

Jacks and bluefish are still being the marauders of the flats. They are wreaking havoc all over the river now. Lots of baitfish have entered the river and are trying to learn to fly as they are becoming breakfast for a lot of fish. Top water also works great for these vicious fish!

The weather should be clearing up in the next couple of days so take the time to check your gear. Did you change your line this year? Did you forget to rinse your reels off and are they all corroded now? Always make sure your gear is ready for action. Nothing is more frustrating than losing a big fish because of your gear or tackle. A little basic care will provide years of service from most fishing gear.

It's been another great week on the water.

Fishing is not just another hobby....it's an ADVENTURE!
Hope you had a chance to get out fishing!

Good Fishing!
Captain Charlie Conner

email me at: [email protected]
visit my website at: http://www.fishtalescharter.com
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