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June 9, 2005


In one week, we went from becoming a desert to a rain forest candidate! Lots of rain and thunderstorms have hit the Treasure Coast. Not that we didn't need the rain, but this was a little overboard on the wet stuff. The river has a lot of freshwater trying to get out and it has left the water a brownish color rather than the green we normally see in Fort Pierce. It will take a few more days to let the water clear up and get back to normal again. It's hot and humid this time of year, so take plenty of liquids out with you to keep hydrated on the water. We have arrived at the summer months, where you will have to deal with the afternoon showers every day. Fishing has remained good in spite of the weather front that stayed with us for quite a while.

Redfish are still ranging all over the flats as singles or small schools. One to three feet of water is the areas to fish for spots. Top water in the early mornings are a great way to enjoy some first light action. I like red/white, but mullet colorations are working well too. Have a rod rigged with a gold spoon and break it out as the morning wears on. Fish them slow to get the attention of a red. Soft baits work well when the sun comes up. Try root beer colors along with gold or white variations of soft plastics. Redfish have been laying up in less than a foot of water lately, so keep the noise down and move slowly across the flats. Live baits have also been working well for redfish during the day. The evening hours will provide good top water action as the winds lay down.

Snook have been on the flats in the early morning and will hit the same lures you are using for redfish. Snook can be pretty aggressive in the mornings. I sometimes will use a top water very erratically to get their attention and have pretty good luck that way. Once the sun rises, move to the mangroves for snook. I like white soft baits for the mangroves, but gold and root beer work well also. A lot of the mangrove islands have deeper cuts along them and the snook will hold up under them. Cast right to the mangroves or under them if you can. Snook will hold up in the shady areas of the islands and wait for something to swim in front of them. You can also use the live baits here.

Trout have been everywhere on the flats. We have caught them most of the day. In the shallow water in early morning, moving to three feet as the day wears on. Top water early and change to a popping cork and live shrimp later. Russ, from Mass., caught his first trout this week on a popping cork. Carmen learned how to fish this week and caught quite a few on her first day out.

Tarpon have been around the Power Plant and along Little Mud. They have been finicky most days, but more are continuing to work their way into the river. Use top water in the first light of day. I prefer one with a mullet colorization or red/white. Live baits can also entice a poon into hitting. You can free line or use a float.

Jacks are chasing bait on the flats. The bait continues to migrate into the river. The jacks will hit just about anything that you throw at them. I work the lures faster than normal to get a jack angry enough to hit it. They are very aggressive and put up a great fight for their size.

Make sure you check out the latest arrivals of lures and rods at The Fishing Center of St Lucie up in Fort Pierce. Let Clint or Kelly help you select the right lures and tackle for all your fishing needs. Need bait? Stop by and check it out!

It's been another great week on the water.
Fishing is not just another hobby....it's an ADVENTURE!
Hope you had a chance to get out fishing!

Good Fishing!

Captain Charlie Conner

email me at: [email protected]

visit my website at: http://www.fishtalescharter.com
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