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Ron who owns the Southern Belle gave me a ring yesterday while I was fishing and asked if I would run his boat for him today. Weather looked great and he wanted to leave at 9:00 AM. Little late for me but hey I can sleep in. Needed to because my family and I went over to a friend’s house and well my head felt pretty big this morning.

Left Rudee at 9:00 AM and head to the 3 mile line in the fog to look for some bait and fish. Figured to be the safest route due to the fog moving in, boats near shore without radar and most boats would be at the Green Can to Cape Henry. Ran down and found nothing, but had called a buddy boat (Thanks Steve) and he had found some bait. So we made our way to the spot and set in around 10:00 AM. Start catching within a few minutes of lines in and picked at them for the next few hours. We had several doubles and a triple with one rod holding two nice 36” fish. I found that trolling into the current just grassed up our baits so we made a troll and then jogged back slowly in the fog to start another which worked well. I tell you had to watch the radar because folks were trolling every which way but straight.

We ended the day catching 26 fish total. Three just over 30 pounds. We had a ball with Ron’s Family and friends just catching fish like crazy till 1:15 when we called it. We also had several bites and 5 fish that disappeared while fighting them. It was great and the sky parted and the fog cleared as we decided to head in. Ron thought we only had 16 fish total. So when we made it to the dock to take pictures we actually had 19 and luckily one was still kicking, which swam away alive & free.

Nice working with a bunch of boats out there and hope everyone waxed them.

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I don`t know what was worse, the threats on the radio or the FOG ! Well we took the skunk out with
us and the critter stayed all day! We worked deep to shallow and shallow to deep with no takers..Marked
a whole lot of fish, but I think alot were dogs..The most exciting part of the day was fighting a hang-up just
N of the Ramada in 25` of water, it put up one bad a$$ fight, at first I thought we might have hooked up
with a BFT since I`ve fished that area alot with no hangs, but alas it was the old "BOTTOM MONSTER" We
zigged when we should zagged all day. No fish today but will take these temps in Dec. anytime!!! We will
get`um next time!!! BTW fished with a friend today on his 25 Shamrock, damn nice ride, I think he has a
resident skunk on his boat cause his catch rate lately has been on the down side!!!

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