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I don`t know what was worse, the threats on the radio or the FOG ! Well we took the skunk out with
us and the critter stayed all day! We worked deep to shallow and shallow to deep with no takers..Marked
a whole lot of fish, but I think alot were dogs..The most exciting part of the day was fighting a hang-up just
N of the Ramada in 25` of water, it put up one bad a$$ fight, at first I thought we might have hooked up
with a BFT since I`ve fished that area alot with no hangs, but alas it was the old "BOTTOM MONSTER" We
zigged when we should zagged all day. No fish today but will take these temps in Dec. anytime!!! We will
get`um next time!!! BTW fished with a friend today on his 25 Shamrock, damn nice ride, I think he has a
resident skunk on his boat cause his catch rate lately has been on the down side!!!

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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