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Got down about mid-day Sunday, and after some piddling around in the marina, made our way out to Windmill Bar. Found a group of boats and birds on the tip of the bar, and couldnt keep the Spanish off the hooks; fished for about 3.5 hours, and ended up with 22 Spanish and only 2 blues. The macks were from about 18-24in, and hit about everything we threw at them; most people were saying gold, but we also got them on a siver drone w/red flash, and silver clark w/pink flash, with #1 planers- the short lines were outcatching the long lines 4:1 for a good bit- heck of a day, one of the best things that I've seen in the bay in a long time. Hopefully itll only get better. Seas started out a lil rough (good 2' w/ heavy and confused chop) but calmed down and turned into a beautiful evening, with the sun poking through the clouds long enough to see a nice sunset.
P.s- ran into some "dirty" water, but all fish were caught in the clean, green water.
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