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In some of my recent posts, I have referenced excerpts from my fishing books. Christmas is just a few weeks away. I am offering a package deal of two of my fishing books and a few soft plastic tails, all for just $30, including free shipping anywhere in the lower 48 states. These would make excellent gifts, or could be additions to your own fishing library. If you prefer to pick the items up at my home in Annapolis, I will throw in some extra lures in lieu of the shipping.

The package includes:
  • My first fishing book “Fishing in the Comfort Zone”. This book describes many different fishing techniques and types of tackle, with more detailed discussion of the ones I prefer to use. It is a good reference for those getting started in fishing, but also provides tips on how to fish.
  • My latest fishing book “The Way I Like to Fish – A Kayak Angler’s Guide to Shallow Water, Light Tackle Fishing”. This book is my longest and most detailed book. It focuses on the techniques and equipment I actually use most often. It includes nearly 300 photos and 30 separate Tip Boxes that describe techniques that can improve catching success or save money for an angler. This book can be enjoyed by both the beginning angler and those who are more experienced. Although it is mainly focused on kayak fishing, the techniques are equally relevant to boat fishing.
  • A selection of 7 highly effective soft plastic tails by 12 Fathom lures, the brand I use.
Interested persons can contact me at [email protected].

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