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Ok, here is the secret that my 9 year old Josh has given me on catching fish. We were fishing from a friends pier a couple of weeks ago and the fishing was a little slow. Josh proceeds to take his shoes off and states "This is how you do it, a man has to be comfortable." A few minutes later he starts pulling in perch one after another until he gets a half of bucket full and gets tired of it.

This past weekend, my father-in-law and I were fishing out at the fingers with an old navy buddy of mine for blue fin tuna. The troll was a little light on action. So, my father-in-law quitely pulls his shoes off and motions me to be quite about it. About 10 minutes later, he sees a white marlin break the surface and then lands. Comes up again and does a tail walk then one of the reels starts screaming. After a two hour fight with him on the end of 30lb line, the fish is along side and is a +6 ft and close to 100lb white marlin.

So, there may be something to a man being comfortable when he's a fishin'.
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