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The SRRKC February meeting will be held at Herald Harbor Hideaway at 6:30PM! With all the good feed back along with great food and drink prices we are "Hooking Up" there again.

We will have Amanda serving us happy hour drink prices for the evening! Along with a full menu of grub to choose from and Wednesday is their $6.00 Hamburger Night.

Only 1/2 mile from Smiths Marina In Herald Harbor at:

Herald Harbor Hideaway
400 Herald Harbor Road
Crownsville, Md 21032

Things To Do:
-We will be voting on the Feb Fisherman of the Month, so if you have any fishing pics get them posted.
-I will have the SRRKC euro stickers available.
-I also still have a some SRRKC Hawg Troughs available.

So who's in for some drinks and fishing stories?
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