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Well as always my intentions are to update my readers on a weekly basis my hectic schedule never seems to give me the chance. Anyway here goes.

The snook bite has really slowed over the past several weeks. Although plenty of fish are being sighted they all seem to have lockjaw. A client had the #*^*& scared out of him last week when a 20# snook surfaced at his feet. Even the live pilchard didn’t interest him. The problem is the inshore water temps haven’t stabilized keeping the snook in deeper pockets where the temps are more consistent. The snook are coming into the shallows only to scout where they’ll be hanging out later on.

With the air temps starting to warm and the winter winds dying down it should be a matter of weeks before the snook should move into the shallower waters and start feeding as baitfish have already appeared along many shorelines.

As far as tarpon are concerned it’s the same old thing. FANTASTIC! Some days are better than others but the average client is hooking about 15 fish in an afternoon, averaging one or two landed.

Although they will hit fly or plastic, live pilchards have clients hooking up to 25-30 fish an outing.

And the answer is no, these are not tarpon in the Salt Pond for those of you that know about it.
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