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I bought a football at my kids school auction yesterday that was just signed by 31 of the Steelers two weeks ago at training camp and I'm trying to figure out what it might be worth. The signatures are authentic as someone at the school had a contact with one of the players who had it signed. I'm still trying to figure out all the signatures and will post the names soon. Any ideas???


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The names on the ball are:

93 Bailey, Rodney
16 Batch, Charlie
23 Carter, Tyrone
66 Faneca, Alan
51 Farrior, James
50 Foote, Larry
17 Gardocki, Chris
53 Haggans, Clark
98 Hampton, Casey
92 Harrison, James (signed twice)
64 Hartings, Jeff
99 Keisel, Brett
57 Kriewaldt, Clint
89 Mays, Lee
83 Miller, Heath
81 Morey, Sean
39 Parker, Willie
55 Porter, Joey
03 Reed, Jeff
73 Simmons, Kendall
91 Smith, Aaron
77 Smith, Marvel
22 Staley, Duce
78 Starks, Max
84 Tuman, Jerame
86 Ward, Hines
85 Washington, Nate
80 Wilson, Cedrick

Also, It looks like it's signed by Mike Lorello, however, on the ball next to his name is the number 31 but the steelers website shows his number to be 45.

There's also a signature that I can't read that doesn't have a number next to it so I'm not sure about that one. Finally, I hope to get the signature of the Steeler who had the ball signed as he forgot to sign it himself (I understand he lives locally though).

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The Pittsburgh who? lol. Just kidding.

My guess is that if you don't have the Bus on there, it will not be worth as much. That is pretty darn cool though. I work the Redskins games and people are always trying to get autographs without success. Check out e-bay for similiar and you'll know.

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I bought it to support the school (it's a private school and doesn't get state or federal funding) and maybe paid too much... $600. I got a little caught up in the bidding and just figured it would be a nice donation.

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Being in the photo business I got into memorabilia collecting many moons ago. It just so happens that I went to a mini training camp the year the Ravens won the Super Bowl, and had a football and photos signed by most of the players. That memorabilia is worth way more then a non super bowl winner. If the Steelers win the SB the value would probably go from a $100 to over $500. However, it is mostly valuable to Steeler fans & mostly in the Pittsburgh area. There are books & mags on the values of signed memorabilia, however, Ive found them to be just OK. As someone eluded, eBay would be a good benchmark. If you ever get into signed memorabilia, be for warned that there are lots of fakes floating around like Cal Ripken signed stuff as an example...

Then it turns out that it's "worth" $600 (i.e., the value fetched for a clollectible at "public" auction).

Here's a 2005 "Team Signed" Steelers footbal on eBay for $300.


There's nothing wrong with overpaying at an auction for a worthwhile cause.
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