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Hi All,

Went out on Sunday evening (a beautiful day) to try out the make shift trolling motor mount. Works just like a diving board. So, I spent Monday making an additional brace that might stop the effect. Took quite a while to learn to limit the power of the TM, use the copilot along with the wireless remote, but eventually we got the TM to steer a relatively straight course rather than circle to the right, circle to the left.

A bit hard to get used to the battery weight in the boat. Eventually, my daughter and I shifted position to balance things out. Three batteries are sealed and weight 85 pounds each 110 AH. Took two days to get the batteries in the compartment, tied down, and the 10-10-10 3 bank charger installed. All stayed in place for the bouncy travel from Scottsburg to Occ.

Only saw bait fish on the sonar, so I headed down river off Occ 2 because there were lots of boats and birds. Started putting lines out to learn a bit. I just purchased two planer boards and used 1 oz to take the bait down 20 feet. Had a float behind the boat with 15 feet down, again 1 oz weight. One freeline with a #7 split shot. Later, I sent the second planer out for a depth of 20 feet. Only have 4 rod holders as the boat was outfitted for downrigger trolling. Got a hit on the last planer board and no fish. A bit later, the same planer picked up a nice catfish about 5 pounds. But, per usual, the net that was supposed to be in the boat was back at the dock. Well, I didn't have to clean fish.

Back by the new bridge, I could see lots of birds and a few boats. Too late to motor up that way, so we pulled the lines in and headed for the dock.

Not having much success with bass minnows except for catfish. How long do the bait fish stay in the area? I assume that the stripers will leave as the bait fish go elsewhere. Is cast netting bait something that goes on all year long?

Only a few weeks until my surgery and then my daughter returns to California. Won't be able to bring the boat on the trailer without help. Bow is just to high. Ha, ha, hip waders and become part monkey? I can get the boat on the bunks OK, but need more learning for after that. I intend to weld a platform to slide in the top of the forward bow stop on the trailer. Something to stand on while I attempt to climb down to trailer tongue and eventually into the water?

Gotta go for now,

Sure appreciate comments, suggestions, other experiences, . . .

Regards, Joy T Brew
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