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Skip posted a note on the Chesapeake Board about Dr Julie's reels being stolen. I have been on travel and on leave and I have not followed the VA Board closely the past few weeks so maybe this was already posted here--sorry for cross posting if that is the case.

It is really helpful for fellow fishermen to be on the look out for stolen stuff and report any concerns to the authorities.

Below is a link to the post and the text is cut and pasted below.

Stolen reels from Dr. Julie Ball in Va.

"Never know - someone might run across these.

Many know the feeling. The feeling that someone violated your safe place, your privacy. We all think we are exempt, that these things happen to other people. But the day you realize it happens to you, the emotions are hard to describe. Anger, is probably at the top of the list. Anger at the reckless and thoughtless actions of another who feels justified invading your private space, and taking your cherished possessions. Things that brought joy to many. Things you worked hard to earn. Things that can be replaced, but not without disrupting routines and schedules of many honest people. Not without more hard work, more money, and the efforts of others to put everything back together. But mostly this anger centers around the fact that someone intruded and desecrated a private, sacred place supported by positive and caring people. A place filled with fond memories. That intrusion can't be repaired.

I'm truly grateful for the wonderful support, and I'm hopeful that there is a positive ending to this negative chaos.
As many of you are aware, my big game reels were stolen off my Custom Carolina Boat, the 'Jubilee' at The Fishing Center, Rudee Inlet, Virginia Beach. Please email me at [email protected], or call the VB Fishing Center (491-8000) or the VB police with any information. Stolen reels: One Shimano Tiagra 130, three Tiagra 80W's, six Tiagra 50W's gold reels, and four Shimano TLD 25's."
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