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Here's a few shots from 70th St. looking out @ the group of boats fishing off Cape Henry on Tuesday around 1PM.It was a rare February day with temps in the 60's.
I decided not to fish due to the slow reports. After reading the threads, it's good to hear that some of you caught fish.
I met Jet Ski Brian @ Owl's Creek late in the afternoon, and snapped a few pics with his camera holding up his nice catch. Seems like a good guy.
These shots were taken with a Canon 5D 12.8megapixel DSLR and a Canon 28-300mm Image Stabilized lens.

The pictures can be viewed in a separate window on my site. The link will take you to the gallery where the photos are near the end with the Cape Henry tags.

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See you out there, Capt. KW

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Are they working? I just see:

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