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striper season 2008

well I am not affraid to say I have had a bad year we caught some fish an the ones we caught had empty stomachs.But what I dont understand is where all the bait is in the middle part of the bay.We have been running to other parts of the bay va /md line an they have fish an bait we have been to cape charles an they to have had fish an bait. I personally feel we have a water quality issue in the middle part of the bay.we had fish for a short period of time an they left we had bait an it to left too.we have had little to no bird action this season an I fish alot.we have had charter captians not moving because of no fish to catch. so would smoeone tell me what ive have missed this season an where all the bait went. our water temps are close to md an close to cape charles.:rolleyes:
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