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I agree with you gparsley. This years fishing was very poor compared to the previous several years. We were able to stay with the fish as they moved the past few years because we able to find the bait and when you found it, you found tons of bait. I thought in the middle of November it may be an off year because the temperature fell into the 50 degree range so quick and I hope this is the cause of the poor fishing instead of declining fish populations. I never saw the birds feeding at any point this year and saw very few birds at all. I never saw the huge balls of bait either. We fish the middle bay area from 59A down to 36 and all along the R2/41A area. The largest fish I caught was a fat 36" fish and I caught that fish at the 5 marker in the Piankatank. I got so frustrated this past Wednesday trolling 5 hours and not 1 knockdown, I winterized the boat yesterday and I have called it quits for this year. Hopefully next year will bring better fishing.

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