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Happy New year to everybody. 2005 was a tough year for this area's inland waterways. We were just starting to recover from 04 storms Jeanne and Francis when we got slammed again with Wilma in 05. The good news is that the inlet area has been getting a really healthy flushout of clean ocean water the past few weeks. This will slowly bring salinity levels up in both the Indian and St. Lucie River. I hope the fish gods will look down on us and spare this area any tropical systems in 06.

The past couple of weeks, jacks have been so thick you could almost walk on water. We have been fishing mainly from the Stuart Causeway south to the inlet. We tried the Jensen Causeway a couple of trips 2 weeks ago but the bite was slow. Water temps in this area were as low as 60 degrees which makes fish sluggish. Travel a few miles south and watch the temps rise a staggering 10 degrees. The Stuart bridge area has been loaded with jacks, jacks, and more jacks. If you can baits past the jacks, some nice croaker and sheephead near the structures.

The sailfish flats have been slow in the mornings but picked up in the afternoon. Mostly ladyfish, jacks but a few pompano and bluefish mixed in. We were also picking up some pompano in the crossroads area but are catching the most outside the rocks and along the beach. Outside the rocks, look for some larger jacks and sheephead over 4 pounds. Scattered mangrove and lanes here too.

Have made several trips to Peck's Lake. The large macks are on the bottom and running over 4 pounds. Some trips have been better than others. I don't believe we have seen the mother load yet. Glass minnows in the area have been scarce. When the minnows come in solid, you will see more top water action and can sightcast for them.

I'm glad to see green water again in the inlet and hope things continue to improve. Need to change my website and brochures again. I have added 2 offshore boats, 28' Pacemaker "Buddy Lee" and brand new 41'Luhrs "Hooligan". Buddy Lee will fish up to 4 on 3/4 and full days. Hooligan will fish up to 6 on 1/2, 3/4 and full days. Also offering Bahama and swordfishing trips.

Tight Lines,

Capt. Bob Bushholz


(772) 225-6436
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