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Action in the grassflats has been decent north of the county line on both sides. A mixture of trout, redfish, ladyfish, snook, jacks and pompano have kept anglers busy. Seems the past few months the majority of baitfish are concentrated north of the Jensen Beach Causeway. The normal shrimp, soft rubber baits and top water plugs early are working well. Still giving the tripletail a break on the markers and crab floats but will begin to target them more in April. Some of the spoil islands between the causeways I like to fish have been quite slow for most of the year. Looks like we lost grass bottom in some of these areas.

The Jensen and Stuart bridges have been hot at times. Last week we had the Taylor family with and inshore slam of 3 trout to 22", 2 snook to 30" and a 24" redfish right under the Jensen Bridge. The bottom around the Jensen bridge changes every day. Large rocks are being added under the catwalks and around the fenders by the bargeload. I know some areas have changed as much as 8 feet. I believe this area will be grouper city in a few years. Be prepared to snag bottom from time to time but I believe once the construction is done, this area will hold tons of fish. I know Henry at the Snook Nook don't mind the rocks!!! Took my friends out yesterday for a few hours around 1pm fishing this bridge. Some nice jacks 2- 5 pounds along with a 21" trout and my buddy Charlie getting his butt kicked by a snook around 44". Can't wait for the mullet run to hit this area. Every day will be the fourth of July!!!

Sailfish flats have been decent most of the time with ladyfish topping the list. Had 2 trips lately with 4 or more pompano but no big numbers. Also mixed in are small jacks, bluefish and a few large spanish mackerel. The only down side in this area lately has been the slimy bright green algae that we dealt with last year. Quite a problem to cast in but some areas are cleaner than others. It seems this is the only area that holds this stuff. This area always fishes great on the windy days.

The Stuart bridge has been invaded by blowfish. Enough said.

The St. Lucie Inlet has been best on incoming and early outgoing tide. The past 3 weeks we have released around 20 bonefish to 18" that always put up a great fight. A mixture of shrimp and trollrites, skimmer jigs or DOA cals are getting the bones. Scattered pompano, bluefish, macs, ladyfish, sheephead, jacks, redfish and goliath grouper are also around. Snook will begin to invade the inlet soon along with the tarpon.

Have not fished Willowby Creeks or Hell's Gate but have been snookin around the 10 cent bridge. Some large jacks on the bottom and snook near the top on jointed bombers. Both tides are working as long as the water is moving.

Outside, Pecks Lake has been hot and cold. Seems the boats anchored and chumming are doing the best. We are killing the macs trolling half way there in about 25 feet normally where the color change starts. Try dragging 3 of Joe's silver jigging spoons with about 8" of # 3 wire attached. Last week we had 26 macs in 45 minutes. The mackerel season is drawing to a close. In another 3 weeks they may be history.

Till next time,

Capt. Bob Bushholz


(772) 225-6436
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