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Lets start in the St. Lucie River this time and work our way east. We have been fishing the 10 cent bridge often lately with great sucess when the current is moving. Quite a mixed bag with snook to 39"on live shrimp, rootbeer terrorize and also trolling jointed bombers and rattle traps. Have been seeing quite a few boats in this area live baiting with large mullet and greenies. Also hitting the shrimp are pompano, weakfish, flounder, croaker, jacks, lookdowns, and trout. Good to see the species list growing around the bridge. Some days you will notice large numbers of rays just outside the shadow line which I believe are spawning.

Docks along Sewells Point are holding snook, jacks, trout and ladyfish but you gotta put in your time. Marker 19 has been quite slow for the past few months. Deep water in Hell's Gate holding a few pomps and ladyfish but slow. Grassflats outside Willowby Creek on late incoming, you have a shot at pompano and ladyfish. Most baitfish I have seen in the St. Lucie has been near the southern tip of Sewell's Point and around the docks. Lots of shallow water here making it easy to see the mullet that are running around 9".

The St. Lucie inlet has been hot and cold lately. When the water is clean on incoming has been best but some days the water is milky due to the high seas. Some really nice flounder to 4 pounds, along with croakers, jacks, ladyfish, scattered redfish and goliath grouper and bonefish. Great to see bones which really put up a great fight. Have not seen any tarpon in the inlet yet but just a matter of time.

Just outside the rocks you will find sheephead, snappers, black margates, spots, blue runners on the bottom with scattered mackerel and large jacks still cruising through. Talked to several captains who have been playing with monster jacks outside the house of refuge on live greenies and sardines. I have a few full day trips coming up and will give that a try if the seas are down. For the most part the spanish mackerel bite is over but there are still a few large macs hanging around the baitschools near shore.

Sailfish flats are holding mostly ladyfish with a few pompano and bonefish. Some days you gotta search for water that is not holding suspended weeds which always makes casting a pain in the neck. Have not fished the quarter bridge lately due to the construction. Playing from land? Try the dock at the Indian Riverside Park. Some trout and flounder about half way out in 3-4 feet on shrimp and rubber baits. Under the floating docks and at the docks end are some big fish gobbleing up livebaits and kicking everyones butt. Large snook over 40" along with tarpon to 40 pounds have been hooked here. If you decide to livebait here, may I suggest bumping your tackle up to 80 pound braid. Too much structure here to be fishing with 20 pound mono.

The Jensen Bridge is holding mangrove snapper, sheephead, snook and a few drum and pompano but be prepared to loose tackle. The catwalk on the east side facing the power plant have areas that are only 4 feet deep and loaded with rocks. I think they went a bit overboard dumpimg these rocks. If they built the catwalk the same height as the old one, all this would not be needed. The old catwalk sat about 5 feet above the water at high tide. The new catwalks have about 1 foot clearance. During the hurricanes, these "new" catwalks were about 4 feet under water and colapsed. So they rip out the new catwalk and build another one the same height as the one that colapsed. Think this one will survive. I doubt it!!

North of the Jensen Causeway have trout on both sides starting around county line and running north. Tripletail are on the crab traps and channel markers. We have caught some nice ones under 14 pounds the past few weeks. Took a buddy out the other day and caught 2 about 10 and 12 inches. These fish were gently placed in my livewell and were transported to Florida Oceanagraphic to be added to their new fish pond. Plan on going over and checking on my little tripletails next week which I have named Henry and Squeeky. (Squeeky is the larger one !!!)

Tight lines,

Capt. Bob Bushholz


(772) 225-6436
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