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Things are finally getting back to normal since Hurricane Wilma. Just prior to the storm I had the pleasure fishing with the Lucas family who were visiting the area from England. It was a full day charter so we fished the Indain River north of the Jensen Beach Causeway to the power plant in the morning catching an assortment including jacks, trout, spanish mackeral, black drum, mangrove snapper, ladyfish and a 6 pound tripletail which was dinner for 4 that night. We did not spend much time in the shallow grass flats. Normally when I have more than 3 anglers aboard, I try to avoid shallow water and live baiting as much as possible. After stopping at Nettle's Island for a brief pit stop, we continued fishing heading south to the St. Lucie Inlet to catch the incoming tide. Plenty of rod benders with some large ladyfish over 4 pounds along with jacks and blue runners. We did have a tarpon around 70 pounds roll off our bow but was not interested. All in all a decent trip with plenty of action.

We have been fishing the bridges on the Indain River several nights since the mullet run. Snook, trout and ladyfish top the list fishing live mullet and greenies, top water chuggers, DOA shrimp and Cals, and covering the bottom with red tail hawks. The mullet run has been weird this year. One night the baitfish are all over the place and the next night they are hard to find. The new Jensen Bridge is really lit up now. Lights on top of the span, lights on every bridge support about 10 feet above the water and soon both cat walks will have lights. This entire area will sure to become a baitfish haven.

Fished a few locals the other day near the power plant on both the east and west sides. The wind was cranking out of the northeast about 15 to 20 but did manage to catch redfish to 5 pounds on the westside and trout along the east bank. I believe St. Lucie Inlet in the months to come will be productive for the incoming tide. Water temps were in the upper 60's the other day so start looking for pompano and mackeral to start showing up. By the end of November, look for the mackeral to invade Peck's Lake.

Tight Lines,

Capt. Bob Bushholz


(772) 225-6436
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