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Fishing is picking up inshore with snook at area bridges banging broken back bomber lures and rattle traps. Not much baitfish around so stick with swift moving water at your favorite hole and work them hard. The St. Lucie inlet has been quite productive on incoming tide when the water is green. We had a trip last week spending over an hour drifting the inlet and the water never did clean up. This was about the forth hour of incoming and fishing was slow so we vacated. Other days when the water was cleaner, redfish, ladyfish, jacks, sheephead and flounder topped the list.

In the sailfish flats area, fishing has been pretty good regardless of water clarity. Lot's of ladyfish with a few jacks, bluefish and pompano around. Have been seeing a few boats in this area fishing with sand fleas on the bottom targeting pompano. I prefer drifting this area and a strong wind is even better. This allows us to cover a larger area in less time. Docks near the house of refuge are holding some large sheephead and some decent mangrove snappers.

Bottom fishing at the area bridges has been hit or miss. Last week we released several nice black drum along with a 9 pound redfish. Sheephead are nice size running about 18" and small grovers mixed in. Have not fished any channel markers lately for my favorite tripletail. Water temps in the Indian River have been as low as 63 degrees in the morning and tripletail don't like the cold. Sure there are still a few around but I'll wait till March to play with them again.

Outside, the mac's have been hitting pretty good and decent size too. We have been trolling and casting Capt. Joe's jigging spoons with good results. The water at Pecks Lake has been brown most days so silver or chartruce have been working best. Seems like a strong south current nearshore has pushed the brown water south. Good news, I have only seen 1 commerical boat in that area.

Finally, we should have the 28' Pacemaker back at AA Marina by December 10th. Really looking forward to offshore fishing again.

Capt. Bob Bushholz


(772) 225-6436
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