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Had Darrell and some of his buds come down for a day of fishing out of OI. Headed out around 5 AM and found our way threw the inlet. Love the new Furuno Navnet radar. Man it works great.

Made it out to the 700 and put lines in. Oh yeah the "Milk Sea" had the ocean glowing like a Blue Glow stick this morning. It literally had the entire boat lit up because it was so thick. Realy cool. Get lines in and the action started right away.

We started getting singles and double bites. We caught everything from blackfin to YFT to BFT to Bonita. We had several BFT and YFT that were 22 to 26" er's (Had 8 that went swimming). We hooked up on 10 fish that disappeared during the fight and several bites. Talked with a couple other boats and they had the same issue with fish disappearing. We had two Screamers on the bar that really tested the angler that disappeared. Shoot!

Well we headed in around 3:00PM due to the wind and rain storms coming on hard. Ended the day with 8 "Legal" YFT (15# to 30#), 1 nice 20# Blackfin and a Fat Bonita. The guys had a ball and we enjoyed their company.

It was real nice, I had fished with one of the guys (Ray) back in the day on the Big Minnow. He was back in the pit with Play'n Hooky all day and really enjoyed the trip. He said the best part was we let him rig baits and do stuff back in the pit. That is what we are all about. Letting you all get involved.

Great day on the water and felt good to run Succession again. Man she is running good!

Have dates available so come and fish with us!
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