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Headed out with some friends Yom, Frank, Little Frank, Jeff and Vernon from Tidalfish. Did not have a mate and let the guys work the pit. We left to a beautiful morning headed towards the 630 line. We showed up and found some Greenstickers and boats. Lines and seem to not be getting any bites. Check our baits and see we need some re rigging. So we re rig and find a nice slick which we run around and then threw to get our first bite;blackfin and a dolphin. Troll around some more and get another blackfin. Things are real slow and have watched a couple boats heading South and know I need to move. We pick and run to the 580 and lines in with a planer bait. Well we start picking away at them on the planer. I had tried to warn the guys to be ready when we get the planer bait because we could get multiples when the fish come up and sure enough. We had a quad but no one was on that side of the boat. Darn, but get one. After picking away at three on the planer rod things slow down. Not to mention we had to pick grass most of the day. Well after getting the marks we check the planer and twice it had short bites. Move outside a little from the tracks and get a double of nice 35# YFT and then a third nice one. We have several other missed bites and then a boat nearby gets his first bites of the day and is holding 6. We troll that way and there was a little rip with some grass formed up. Sure enough we get a great double and get one. Then when baits were going back out and the planer bait gets tangled. Dam! We miss the mark with no deep baits ready because we are fixing everything.

Well we get some passes for a couple more and our day is done. We did see them rolling there and had several missed bites. It was a great day and the seas were awesome for nice run in.

2 Bl Fin
1 Dolphin

5 Planer short bites & 9 short top water bites

Most bites were on the deep bait and when it came up. Pink deep was good and Pink up top.
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