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Here are my suggestions. I'm not really trying to be the squeaky wheel here. This is the last time you will hear from me on this topic. Feel free to contact me on this forum or privately to discuss any of these suggestions.

1) Allow event announcements to occur both on the calendar of events, and on the board that is most relevant to the event. The two media serve different purposes and allow for the broadest exposure. The calendar of events is a clearinghouse of events, and a forum thread allows the complete nitty gritty.

2) Do not create policies that waste your time. Moderation of the boards is a huge task. Trying to eliminate innappropriate content, commercial activity is probably the most that needs to be done. In other words... let us be the judge of everything else.

3) I did like the "Fishing Reports" tag available on the old board. I would reccomend re-inventing the "Fishing Reports" tag and adding an "Event" or "Announcment" tag that all TFers can use.

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1) I am a little lost on the current Calendar of Events not allowing for the "nitty gritty"?

I actually went and did a run through entering an event to make sure my memory was serving me correctly. The "title" of events was limited to 40 characters, I moved this to 100 characters. As for the details of the event, there is no limit so people could enter as much or as little information as they want in that part of the form to allow for full and complete details.

I will go out on a limb here and say that I think the issue people have is more about exposure of the event. I watch the traffic on the site and believe me a TON of people are looking at the calendar of events. Could more look, yes, and I will work on making some changes to improve this.

However, at the moment we will not be changing the policy of posting events on the board and this is because of the same reason we do not allow "for sale" items to be posted. It is not that we do not think this information is important, of course we think and know it is important. There is a place for everything on this site and we would like to keep things organized that way.

2) Letting a community of over 30,000 anglers moderate it self at some level does not work. Trust me that I have tried that approach and it simply does not work. I actually think that by setting the policy that no events and no for sale items are to be posted makes things really really simple. What complicates things is if we say, non-profits can post. Then I have to email that person to make sure the event is a non-profit event, get proof they are a 5013c or like organization and go through all that. I think the policy currently makes it simple. If we see an event or for sale item it comes down.

Also, if someone wants to have a "sticky" thread at the top of the board we have advertising for that for $55/week. We only allow one per board. You can see an example of that with Capt Jim's thread stuck to the top of the Virginia Angler board.

3) This is a great suggestion and something we are working on. Given the new platform we are on it will take us a little time, but something we do want to get up before the middle of the year if we can.


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