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10 mph winds out of the South, 1-2 foot swells. Water clarity sucked, water was dark brown could only see a chartreuse lure about 12 inches deep.

Started out around 9am near the bottom of the outgoing tide returned around 3pm.

Fished Roaring Point for about an hour and a half with some success with the croakers. Once the water started moving again we tried a creek for a bit with a little luck but not much to brag about. Went back out to Roaring Point to finish the day.

Total we put 6 croakers in the cooler in the 11-14 inch range. Threw back a dozen+ croaker under 11 inches as well as a small catfish and a pretty big oyster cracker (head the size of a baseball).

Question: Are the croaker gold colored because of the tannin or whatever is staining the river? I know they are fine to keep/eat just curious what makes these croaker such a gold color compared to the croaker caught at other times and just the day before in the Tangier Sound.

Hope everyone caught a bunch or at least had fun.

Sorry no pictures this time,
aka 1st Timer
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