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Got Kim & Kaelee to go fishing with me on Sunday. Headed out to some Severn River creeks looking for that monster perch. I only managed to land a 10 1/2' fish to increase our aggregate by 1/2". One of the great things about this tournament is fishing with family and watching the kids reel in some fish.

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Kim caught a couple Pickerel's.

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Kaelee had the hot stick of the day! After she had me change out her first lure to one she picked out of Kim's tackle bag and using her Pink Lady Lite Rod with 6lb mono helped her land a couple 10 1/4"ers along with filling up the live well with some good sized Perch. She kept Kim pretty busy dealing with all the fish she landed. So I had to post her fish also and I will add them to the leader board for her.

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The pilings were covered with doublers and female crabs, we managed to bring home 17 nice keepers. A lot of the male crabs were just undersized.

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