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Sounds like you had a great day! Got into the fish and figured out some good fixes for next time. One of my favorite topwaters for blues is an inexpensive Tsunami popper about 4" long with the front hook removed completely and all the barbs except one on the back cut off. I have some rigged on a 6" steel leader and also use heavy mono leaders sometimes if there are rockfish in the mix. We generally don't try to net the smaller blues, just grab the leader right above the popper, and carefully but firmly grab the fish behind the gills. When we troll up the bigger blues we use a rubber mesh net. It doesn't snag the hooks. I also prefer my stingsilvers with only one barb...but in a frenzy you gotta go with them out of the box! I love this time of year...topwater, jigging, and trolling for blues (which we love to eat too.)

Won't be long until the better grade of stripers start moving...then we can bring out the big net again!
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