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Sunday on the Potomac

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Grizzdog (Rob) and I decided to join forces today and go for a boat ride on the Potomac to avoid the wind. After the sun was out for a while it was actually pleasant with 1 foot chop and light breezes. Trolled from 7AM to about 2:30PM on the river in the vicinity of #7 and #9. Had several short strikes and got one FAT 38" in the boat that hit a single green parachute 100 feet back of some very nice planer boards Rob got from Evil Dick. Had some ex-large menhaden in the gut when I cleaned it. A deep white umbrella off the back of the boat got smacked too but the fish threw the hook before much a fight. Didn't mark any large pods of bait today. We did see some birds working some actual breakers closer to the VA shore, but they went down before we got within range. All hits were over 50 feet of water and surface temps were around 43. If the WX cooperates we'll try to join forces again next weekend out with the fleet at 72!
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hair stylin'

Should I use gel on those chutes?
Thanks for the trip today Wayne, I had a great time. Hopefully the weather will cooperate for next week. Oh yes and I have heard pomade is better then gel for those chutes...
Had a great day on the water even though it wasn't on fire Rob. Check your email Friday evening for our float plan. Thanks for brining the rods and boards. It was a balst fighting that fish on lighter tackle.

Rogers: You need to catch a big fish...

Thanks for the report. How did the planner boards do?

Thank you
Well I nearly lost one of Robs boards when I deployed umbrellas on the port side of the boat. Turns out that ED's boards are made to run lighter baits like single and tandem chutes. Once we worked that out they ran fine. They are nicely crafted, with an extra steel bar on top to stabilize the three planks. Very nice boards that run straight. I'll go back to my longer boards for the heavier stuff, but it was a blast fighting a fish on lighter tackle so there's a lot to be said for that too. If I had a bigger boat, I might be tempted to keep 2 sets of boards!
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