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SuperBowl Festivities. What R U Doin?

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A plethera of brew, wings, 7 layer mex dip, shrimp, artichoke crabdip, and whatever anyone that stops by brings.

Super Bowl pools I am in at my finger tips.

I like the underdog!

What r u doing?
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Dave - I'm with you - Cards! I'm an NFC guy - Skins - but Ravens are my 2nd team. Would you mind putting this up on the the main fishing board as well? I organized a Super Bowl party at work on Friday as well as a pool. We wore our team colors, all brought in food to share and "gifts" (e.g. bottles of wine) for the pool to avoid the gambling at work problem. We have 4 large bags of gifts, one for for each quarter and the pool draw was fun. I'll announce the four winners tomorrow. Jim
Jerry - You are living large, my friend. I hope to learn from your Alaska dream-trip and do something similar next year.

Dave - I'm only rich with family, friends and dreams of good times to come. Jim
Cards aren't looking too good yet. Could be a romp. Ugh. Jim

10 minutes later. 10-7. Warner for Hall of Fame. CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie is making some huge plays. Go Cards!
Dumb throw by Warner.
killer game changer. they were rolling to that point.
Sorry you have to work John. Cards are coming back or at least making it a game. I'm hoping for a miracle finish like last year.
good try anyway.
It was a great game. That James Harrison goal-line pick and 100 yd. run-back right before the half will haunt Kurt Warner for the rest of his life. Otherwise, he was a shoe-in for the Hall of Fame. Jim
1 - 6 of 14 Posts
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