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Corbin and I got on the stand early this am looking for the Big buck that lives in our little sweet spot. We sat until Corbin had had enough, saw nothing. We climbed down around 9 oclock and headed to Dinnwidde to work on the Mud Bog Truck a little.

We climed back in the same stand around 5 this afternoon. Shortly after 2 fat does wadled by. My boy was not happy that dad would not shoot one. Just before dark we could hear what sounded like a couple more deer coming. Instead it was a really nice what looked to be 10 pointer, a shooter for sure. Here's where it turned bad. The two does we had seen earlier had started working back down the same trail the buck was on. There was now way I was gonna be able to draw and get a shot with eyes looking from both directions. We just sat and watched as the does eased back past and the buck turned and went with them.

Corbin is a real trooper. He didn't move an inch for at least 30 minutes. I can't wait to put the shotgun in his hands this fall. That 20 guage slug gun is gonna create some death[grin]

DEAN who has to work on the damn truck the rest of the week and race it this weekend. I'll be back after them next week.
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