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We ended up landing 8 giants in 3 days of fishing last week with a total dressed weight of 2,656 lb and total live weight of 3,541 lb. Good fishing right before the commercial season closed on Thursday and we're thankful for it. All fish ate ballyhoo long riggers and were caught on Shinano Tiagra 130s. Biggest fish was 100" and dressed 458 lb. Most were over 90". Pictures are on our Facebook page - see www.facebook.com/sushisportfishing.

The bluefish just showed up offshore and Wednesday's mako and bluefin catches had them in their stomachs. So I expect the bluefin and mako recreational fishery to be excellent for the next couple weeks or month, with yellowfin and bigeye showing up stronger every week. One boat caught 3 out of 4 bigeye on Wednesday, so they are here with reinforcements coming. And you can still keep 1 bluefin per day recreationally under 73" long and do catch and release on giant bluefin, so there is plenty of action and meat for your table coming up in April, May, and June.

We have plenty of dates left especially this month and walk-ons/make-ups are welcome. Contact me or Pirates Cove Marina in Manteo, NC to book your trip with us out to the blue waters of the Gulfstream on one of the nicest and fastest charter boats in the world. Wireless internet and email offshore, 8 leather home theater seats, 55" HD satellite tv with selection of DVD movies, Subzero and Viking appliances, luxury sleeping quarters, ultra clean bathroom, and many other amenities to enjoy. We are switching from DISH Network to DirectTV this week on the boat as KVH says DirecTV should offer more reliable service offshore than Dish has been able to provide - less off/on/off especially in rough seas - and that will also get us NFL Sunday Ticket for this year's football season.

I have several make-up requests for this weekend so if you want to join us let me know. Weather uncertain at this time but we'll keep an eye on it.

252-216-6291 cell
[email protected]
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