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The bluefin are officially gone from The Point area for now with none caught there for about a week now. But the yellowfin and bigeyes have moved in and mahi are ready to show up in big numbers.

We fished yesterday with the Dudley family and friend Alex. They went 7 for 9 on yellowfin on a steady pic throughout the day between the 620 and 680 in 150 to 700 fathoms with temps from 73 to 74 deg F and dark blue water in light N winds with light 1 to 2 knots of current. For 10 year olds they and their Mom kicked some butt on the tunas - they cranked hard and fast the whole way and didn't miss any that came tight. I posted pics on my Sushi Facebook page and will try to take time to post them here later.

The first bite was on a Sterling Tackle pink Super Jet chain run off the short rigger, followed by a couple Sterling Tackle green bird bar short rigger bites, then a couple long rigger and short rigger ballyhoo bites.

The mahi showed great off Hatteras yesterday so we should see them heavier any day now off OI.

I am open through Wednesday this week and have about 5 days booked in May so far. Give me a call or email to book your day with us.

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