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The Sushi website - www.sushisf.com - has now been updated for the 2015 booking calendar, tournaments page, and summer location. We still have plenty of dates available.

We are now booked for the Big Rock, OC Tuna, White Marlin Open, and Poor Girls tournaments. We're still looking for clients for the OC Big Fish Classic and Mid-Atlantic 500, so please contact me to book those or your 1, 2, or 3-day share of either.

Starting July 1 we will be fishing out of Talbot Street Marina in Ocean City, MD next to the Restless Lady crew, MR Ducks, and Talbot Street Inn. We're excited about the ocean side location with some fellow hard-core meat fishermen and lodging and entertainment closer by for our clients.

Depending on our charter bookings, OC fishing quality, and New England fishing quality, we may move up to Point Pleasant, NJ, Chatham, MA, Gloucester, MA, or Portland, ME sometime after the Mid-Atlantic 500 tournament in late August to fish for giant bluefin inshore and bigeye, yellowfin, mako, and swordfish out in the northeast canyons such as the Hudson, Veatch, Hydrographer, Oceanographer, Gilbert, Lydonia, etc.

Anyone who has studied offshore charts of those NE canyons knows how interesting they look. We see the reports of large bigeye, yellowfin, mako, and swords up there while we are typically seeing smaller versions off OC. We're not getting any younger and I've fished off OC for 22 years now, so I'd like to fish my boat up there some if it's not going off big-time out of OC.

It's an easy drive to Point Pleasant, and Southwest Airlines and others fly non-stop cheap into Boston and Portland from DC and BWI, so any of you who would like to fish for large pelagics with us out of NJ, MA or ME please let me know so I can gauge interest and book dates. There would of course be a long multi-day overnight fishing trip from OC on the way up, and again on the way back to OC or OI, so anyone who wants to book those long positioning fishing trips please let me know your preferred dates. Bluefin fishing up there usually runs good through October. Pricing on the New England inshore bluefin trips will start out at $400/person day trips and $595/person overnight trips, and offshore overnight canyon trips will start out at $795/person.

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