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Swan Point

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Fished sunday with my son and a friend,trolled swan point,cob island area,alot of birds working the surface,caught a couple nice keepers.(pic.of Eddie with two nice ones)Any news on big ones in the Potomac River?
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Congrats Big T. Would appreciate any tips on lures, depths, etc.
Trolled bucktails with 4"grub tails(white)sorry the pics.size is to big trying to resize it. Willl try to post them later[grin]
Big T what was your set-up and how deep. I trolled St. Clements. and got nothing. I jig fished around some birds that were scattered and caught 8 fish but 1 keeper at 19.5" the fish looked very healthy and fat.
Fished 25-30 feet of water watched for birds and trolled the outsides( bouy21 )80' back w/2oz bucktails w/4"grub tails pulling 4 lines they loved them. [grin]
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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