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Rich has been laid up for a while recovering from knee replacement surgery and just getting to the point where he felt like getting back on the water. His timing was good. We launched into a 22 knot wind off Kent Island and went looking for a ball game. We found one. The only difference about this evening from my last couple of reports was more big fish - all ocean run fish with sea lice. My first cast resulted in a 32 incher. Rich swatted one out of the park with a big fat 36" right away and followed it with another 35" shortly thereafter. Not a bad way to get back in the game, hey Coach? We had at least a dozen overs and many high 20s. If anything, that's an under-exaggeration. No small fish. Our biggest was 37.5". Our best lures were pearl Mann's Hardnose which were hotrodded with an orange garlic dye pen. The fall run is on, and they're close to home! Here's some pics:

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