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This past week we have concentrated on fishing the beaches for the numerous Silver Trout that have invaded the area. It is not uncommon the catch 50-60 fish in a couple of hours. We release most, only keeping a few for the dinner table, as these delicate fish do not freeze well.

One of the weirdest things happened this week. I had the pleasure of having Kevin Burke and his dad Jim aboard for a morning of fishing. After we caught enough trout for the dinner table, we decided to fish in the residential canals for Sheepshead and Snook.

We caught a few sheepies, but the Snook were nowhere to be found. On one cast, dad Jim hooked what looked to be a fine fish. As he brought it near the boat I could see that he had a 20 or so inch Ladyfish. The problem was that I could not locate the hook. Upon further observation, the hook was further down the line hooked into a nice Bluefish.
What had happened, is that somehow he lassoed the Ladyfish onto his line after the Blue was hooked—or before—we could never know!

Anyway, after I cleared the line from the Lady, we unhooked the Blue----It was definitely a weird site to behold!

Good fishing to ya!
Capt. Chuck MacIntyre
727 709-9045
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