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tampa bay fishing report 4-5-06

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The Kings are here!

Last week, went to the Skyway area and trolled up a number of Kings---ranged in size from 6 to 15 pounds. Not smokers but plenty of fish to go around.

There were some large spanish mackerel mixed in, hitting the same trolled spanish sardines and threadfins.

The Grouper bite was somewhat slow, probably due to the 2 tide days, but that should improve this week. We will be heading out to 100 feet on Friday.

Inshore, Snook are tearing up the baits in the mangrove lined islands. The key to getting them has been scaled sardines---which are easy to find one day and impossible the next.

Capt. Chuck MacIntyre
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Good report, captchuck we have had the kings heavy lately down here also. haven't been on this board in awhile so good to see you are still after them[grin]
Capt Chuck,

Would you mind sharing with us what you were trolling. I am heading down there in early May and I like to hit the SkyWay at some point each time I am there.

Sure, we were trolling spanish sardines and threadfins.
They hit on top in the AM and then went deep with the rigger as the sun came up.
Capt. Chuck
Thanks. Watch for me out there in my Cat from May 4 - 8th.
you doing a tourney?
No tourney, just getting away from the rat race for a few days.

I dock the boat just inside John's pass and fish all around the area down to Sarasota.
JP is my home port--I'll keep a lookout for ya...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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