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Tampa Bay is alive and well and the fish are coming through in great numbers. Snook have been feeding actively around the solunar periods in all of our local canals, and rivers. With our current warm conditions, the snook bite has been producing some great catches, but look for these fish to slow down slightly when the next cold front roles through. I have been using freelined greenbacks, or live shrimp on a No. 1 circle hook and the fish have been averaging 18 to 23 inches.
Trout are grouped up in huge numbers on all our local grass flats as they begin to spawn. I have been targeting these fish using DOA deadly combo's in either glow or golden bream color. Although trout are out of season to keep, they offer a great fun and are perfect for a day on the water with kids, where most of the time quantity is more important that quality. The trout have been averaging 16 to 18 inches with a few coming in at over 23 inches.
Redfish are producing well after cold fronts when they are becoming more active. I have been fishing the lowest tide I can find and working the incoming water period. The fish have been shallow, I mean real shallow, so get your boat, or wade in as close as you can to the shore around oyster bars or deep troughs and let the water rise. I find that as the mullet go, so do the redfish, so as the water rises and the areas get deeper look for the mullet and the redfish shouldn't be too far behind.
All in all the fishing is going great...so tight lines and good fishing!

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