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With the great weather we have had the last week, I did trips both inshore and offshore.....

Offshore report:
With calm seas, we headed out to 100 feet to see what was biting. In the huge schools of Vermillion Snapper, we landed a few Red and Gag Grouper, then the Sharks showed up. After catching and releasing 6 five-footers, we headed home on a sea of Glass.
(seemed like a summer day out there!)

Inshore Report:
Using Shrimp and Love Lures for bait, we drifted in 13 feet of water off of the Redington Pier on Sunday. Undeterred by the fog, my clients caught a mess of Silver Trout, keeping just enough for dinner that night. Afterwards, we fished the residential canals of Treasure Island. The youngest girl on the boat hooked and lost a huge Snook after a long battle. Caught a half-dozen large Sheephead on shrimp to finish the day.

Spring is just around the corner as evidenced by the bait we saw being crashed offshore by Bonita.
We'll send you another report next week!

Capt. Chuck MacIntyre
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