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Fish Tangier sound in the vicinity of Tangier light. Very slow 2 days Friday went late and got the lines in around 11:30 marked a good amount of bait north of the light but couldn't entice them to bite. Around 2:00 trolled well north of the light and the short planer line with small chartruese umbrella started screaming, could tell it was a nice fish. After a good fight going from side of side of the boat we landed this 45" just over 40# fish..

Circled back around and picked up a nice 36" fish. Trolled a little longer and than head in before it got dark.

Was planning on running out to 68 on saturday, but seemed like it was rough out there so headed south to Tangier sound again. Trolled from 8:30 - 4:00 with only 1 knockdown, marked very little bait on Saturday and seems that was the story for most in that area.


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